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choose wellness over illness

Did you know you could choose wellness over illness?

Illness is not a choice. We can eat well, exercise all we want, and take our vitamins, but sometimes, we get sick ~ really sick. l am a perfect example of this. I did, ‘everything right’ my whole life and still had four different cancers and two autoimmune diseases before me 42nd birthday.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You may not have control over illness, but you have complete control over your wellness.” quote=”There is good news though. Although we may not have control over illness, we have complete control over our wellness.”]

Let me explain.

Wellness is defined by The National Institute of Wellness as multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment. It is positive and affirming.

The difference between wellness and illness is that wellness encompasses the complete person in mind, body, and soul where illness only looks at your physical health. With wellness, if one part of your life isn’t optimal, let’s say your physical health, you can still work on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing to help bring all areas back into a better balance. It’s actually not that complicated to do and the results are profound.

I have Myasthenia Gravis, a life-threatening neuromuscular autoimmune disease that can make me incredibly weak and unable to walk or breathe with no notice at all. I spent a couple years in bed barely alive. It was really, really hard, but through all the hospital stays, doctors appointments, and missed events with my family, I never gave up on myself. I spent those many months working the rest of me that are equally important to my health and well being. By feeding my body the most nutrient dense foods I could handle at the time (I was on a liquid only diet as I couldn’t chew), making sure my faith was strong by being fully connected to my Maker, and cleaning my mind of all the useless negative chatter and baggage I brought in to my illness, I could give my body the greatest opportunity to heal.

Doctor’s like to look at us as parts. When one breaks down, we go to that particular specialist to get it fixed. There isn’t any room in Western medicine for the complete being. Have you ever tried to tell your specialist how your feeling emotionally or about your faith? It typically doesn’t end well.

Here’s an example of how this works in real-time, only in this scenario, it is in the negative. Let’s say you are stressed out about a project you haven’t completed. You wait until the last minute to get started and now are spending weeks working very late at night. The harder you work, the less you get done because you are getting more and more exhausted. The project is almost finished but by the end, you get the flu since your resistance is down. Now sick in bed and you’ve missed your deadline and your boss or teacher is furious. You start to blame everyone involved, the project, your boss, God, anyone you can think of for not finishing in time and lose all hope of ever getting it completed.

Here’s what really happened:

Your emotional body (mind) effected your physical body when stress lowered your resistance to infection and got you sick. Your physical body then effected your spirit because getting sick made you not finish in time and lose hope. My guess is that if you had taken care of yourself by pacing the work load and getting the proper amount of rest, you would have finished on-time and not gotten the flu. Taking care of yourself could have also triggered you to work smarter by going inward, tapping into that inner knowing we all have, otherwise known as our soul.

So how do we turn the tide towards the positive? How do we choose wellness over illness?

It starts with intention. We are taught to be self-less in life but I think this is greatly misunderstood. Think of it this way; when a plane is in distress and the oxygen masks drop down, we are taught to put the mask on ourselves first, then our child. This is not a selfish act, it is a life sustaining one for both your child and yourself. Self care is not an indulgence, especially if you have health issues, it’s a necessity. By eating properly, getting enough sleep, and spending time in prayer or meditation we are balancing our bodies to the best of our ability, creating the space it needs for optimum health and wellness.

Those of us who’s health has failed despite our greatest efforts have a choice. We can choose to be the constant frail patient, or we can choose to be well and become the best version of ourselves no matter where we are in our healing journey.

It’s a simple decision that will effect the rest of your life.

There is no judgement from me which way you go. I’ve been on both sides of the argument, especially when I’ve been feeling poorly for an extended amount of time. Grieving your illness is part of the process in healing, you just don’t want to live there if you are looking to become well and feel better.

Need some concrete ways to choose wellness over illness? Next week, I am starting a Free 14 day wellness challenge.

Please join me in exploring simple tips delivered directly to your inbox each day that will help you lean in to wellness. I challenge you to be the best you possible. It’s free, it’s easy, and it will help you lighten up in mind, body, and soul so you can give yourself the best opportunity to feel better and be better.

I hope you become part of the wellness revolution.

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  • Sandy Sandmeyer

    I get so overwhelmed with wellness and feeling like I have to do everything all at once. Now that I’m making small changes and I see some results, it makes me want to be more healthy. Stopping by from BSS group on FB.

  • Elaine Mansfield

    Thank you for encouraging me to do what I know how to do. I’ve been robustly healthy and taken great care of my body with nutrition and exercise, but the last ten years brought the stress of dealing with too many deaths (including husband and only sibling) and increasing hearing loss. Four years ago I developed Meniere’s Disease symptoms (acute hearing loss and distortion, vertigo, nausea, and tinnitus). It’s hard to function many days, but I keep going through good self care. It makes all the difference in being able to navigate my world and enjoy life. Thank you for inspiration.

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