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how energy medicine works

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you and becoming who you are.”  Rachel Naomi Remen

If you are feeling numb inside, career is stalled, or have a rocky relationship, chances are it isn’t because of some outside force – no one is making you feel this way, it’s because your energy is blocked. How energy medicine works is it can help bust those blocks to free you of the negative patterns that have developed and move forward with your life.

Research has shown that when you suppress your hidden emotions, your DNA mutates. These mutations can eventually wreak havoc in your life and lead to disease. Energy medicine also is a simple way of reversing that to restore your core codes to their original blueprint.

How Energy Medicine Works:

In her book Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Candace Pert demonstrated that the mind is not confined to the brain. Instead, the mind is a “flow of information” moving between all cells, organs, and systems of the body. How energy medicine works to improve your overall health because the energy body and the physical are intertwined and as one heals, so does the other.

When energy medicine is incorporated with prescriptions and supplements, it works as a magnifier and boosts the benefits.

Scientist have found a class of tiny proteins, called neuropeptides in the body and the nervous system that regulate our mood, behavior and overall health. One study at the Heartmath Institute proved that when participants felt strong positive emotions like love and appreciation, their DNA unwound and increased in length.

However, when these same people experienced strong negative emotions their DNA became shorter and in some cases, their DNA codes completely stopped working. Interestingly, this process was reversed when the individuals switched back to experiencing strong positive emotions. The negative effect of environmental stresses and toxic emotions on DNA has also been proven by American geneticist Barbara McClintock.

This concept of changing our DNA with our emotions was also validated by Dr. Bruce Lipton in “the Biology of Belief”. Dr. Lipton combined his deep understanding of cell biology with human observation to demonstrate that beliefs and thoughts can affect your cells and gene activity.

Top 10 benefits of  how energy medicine works:

  1. Clearer mind
  2. Interrupts negative patterning in the body
  3. Strengthens positive neuro patterning within the body
  4. Balances and strengthens energetic field around body for better resistance against outside stress
  5. Greater sense of peace
  6. Decreased brain fog
  7. Sustainable physical energy
  8. More resilience and compassion
  9. Stronger immune system
  10. Greater passion because you feel better in your body

How to get the fastest results with energy medicine:

  1. Practice energy medicine every day – energy medicine builds on itself. When you practice energy medicine regularly, you create a positive pattern in your energetic body which will strengthen over time. This builds resistance and keeps you stronger when around negative forces.
  2. Believe what’s possible – changing your beliefs start when you believe you can change. 
  3. Check-in – see how you are feeling before and after doing energy medicine
  4. Set your intention– focus on what you want while doing energy medicine not why or where you are stuck.
  5. Keep a log of your growth – It’s hard to see yourself. By recording what you are feeling and thinking on a regular basis, it’s easier to track your growth.

Change your beliefs, dissolve your hidden blocks, and live a better life for you and your family.

P.S. Need a little help? Energy medicine is like learning another language – the language of you. If you’d like some support incorporating energy medicine to improve your health, your work, and your family’s life,  just fill out this short application and we can chat to see if energy medicine is a fit for you.

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