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how energy medicine can heal

I have a secret.

This little secret is so powerful that it actually showed me the way back to a ‘normal’ life so I could be with my family and friends. And it helped me laugh again.

It also helped me get better when I was sick with all my cancers and autoimmune disease. It helped me when I was little and struggled to fit in because we moved so much. It helped me decide to live when there was no reason why I should.

There are so many times this secret propelled me forward that I’m not sure where I end and it begins anymore.

I remember the time my doctor looked at my blood test before walking in for an appointment. He said he thought he was going to have to admit me to the hospital because they were so bad. He was shocked to see me in my gym clothes when he walked in because I hadn’t had time to change after yoga.  That wasn’t me, that was my secret.

But I realize hiding my secret is selfish – especially when so many people need it.

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So here it is.

I am running by Divine energy. You can call it whatever you want – Quantum or Energy Medicine, prayer, Divine channeling, conscious healing, I’m not really married to the name, I just know the feeling of living a vibrant life and it’s pretty amazing.

Some think the idea of conscious healing is a little woo-woo, but I’m telling you from first-hand knowledge, it’s the real deal. I’ve never told anyone why I was doing so much better than I should have been because I didn’t want them to think I was some weirdo that heard voices.

You see, long before I ever had health issues, I studied energy/quantum medicine. I even wrote my thesis on quantum physics.  Listening like I did turned my intuition way up, but I never thought I would have to apply all I learned like I did when I got sick.

I’m so grateful that I could hear my inner voice so clearly.  It gave me the roadmap to becoming well again. Just as it did when I was a child and needed help. Just as it will when I’m older. Your voice is patiently waiting to whisper in your ear too.

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Energy medicine not only helped me feel better emotionally, it helped me feel stronger physically.

We all have so much more to us than we think. There is a whole other world locked inside you just bursting to get out and it’s directly connected to our higher power. I’ve uncovered gifts that I never thought possible. Do you know what your gifts are?

If you’re ready to try the next level of healing, try it for yourself.  My Free 14 day “Lighten Up For Summer” Challenge starts in May. It will be filled with tools to help you access your inner world and discover its power too. You have nothing to lose and a whole other (better) world to gain. Sign up and see.

You can’t avoid the trials of life. Illness, financial issues, family stuff – there’s no getting around them and I promise they will change you. The question is how.

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I decided to learn a new paradigm. I hope you do as well.

Join me on this crazy journey so we can all become who we were meant to be together.

PS. I have a couple of spots opening up soon if you’re ready to work one-on-one with me to find your secret sauce too. Apply here.

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