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“One small step can equal huge results.”

I heard that statement in a dream a few years ago. It’s stuck with me and I can honestly say it’s made a major impact on my life.

The first time I got cancer I was working in the corporate world. My employer was nice enough to give me extended leave with pay for awhile, but as my treatments droned on, his generosity diminished.

Having no alternative income at the time, I had to work. I worked through intense nausea during chemotherapy, I worked through unrelenting exhaustion during radiation therapy. I kept working because I had bills to pay, but it was one of the most difficult times in my life.

Then I got an autoimmune disease that was so debilitating that it was impossible to hold a full-time position outside of my home. I was too weak to focus, and my work product suffered. I felt like I was letting my colleagues and my clients down which was affecting my self-worth. This downward spiral was causing intense depression, making me feel even worse physically. My mounting healthcare cost was also not helping my growing anxiety.

Fortunately, there are now options besides a ‘regular’ job. In today’s computer age, a shift to internet employment is being seen across the globe, and starting an online business has never been easier.

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If you’ve ever struggled with fulfilling the duties of your 9-5 job because of family or health issues, or you know someone who does, this interview is a must watch and must share.

Now you can lower your stress, work on your own schedule, and create income in the comfort of your pajamas (I may be doing just that right now).

My guest today is Denise Wakeman. She is a Digital Marketing Strategist focused on helping authors, small businesses, and online entrepreneurs. Her goal is to support people just like you to optimize, leverage, and strategically use social marketing tools to gain more visibility, build credibility, and attract an audience.

Denise ( has been in the online marketing world since 1996. She has helped hundreds of people develop successful strategies to increase visibility online and define their market. Her simple approach and step by step tips have been especially popular for entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses needing to transition out of the traditional work setting.

In today’s interview, Denise shares her strategies to start an online business. You will learn:

  1. Free tools to start an online business
  2. How to stay out of overwhelm when beginning on social media
  3. A simple (and free) way to dramatically shorten your learning curve
  4. How to easily get your message out to potential clients or buyers
  5. How to start building an email list for instant fans
  6. The importance of and opt-in page
  7. How to know who to market to

If you’ve worked outside your home, chances are high that you can start an online business just as easily to supplement or replace your existing income from the comfort of your own couch.

One of the other benefits of working online is flexibility. You can work when you want, or when you can, freeing up time in your day for your kids, your health, and even have lunch with a friend. One small step into the online world can make a huge difference in your life and your health.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. From all that Denise shared…

What’s one thing you’ve always thought of doing online that can help you to take control of your financial health?

It can be in regards to something you are already doing in the corporate world or exploring a creative part of you that you’ve kept hidden from everyone (up until know).

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Your story may be the inspiration someone else needs to quit a job that is draining their health and vitality and start a business and a new chapter in their life.

PS. I have a couple of spots opening up soon if you’re ready to invest in yourself and work one-on-one to unleash your inner warrior.  Apply here.

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  • Trudy Van Buskirk

    That’s exactly why one needs to be self-employed if one has any kind of disability or health issue. You can work when you physically can 🙂

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