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Lighten up for summer

Have you turned on the news lately? This winter has been tough for many people. You can’t even fly first class anymore without being dragged from the plane – shame on you United.  Hate crimes are up and there’s turmoil on almost every continent. Folks are feeling very unsettled.

Let’s change all that.

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How we act in the world is a choice. I decided a long time ago that I want to be of light. Wanna lighten up with me too?

Click here for a free essential oil and  to join the 14 Day Lighten Up Challenge>>>>>

I’m inviting you to join me in a Free 14-day challenge to lighten up your life and your world. Starting in May, you will receive a daily note from me in your inbox with some simple tips to shift your mindset, your body (you may even lose a few pounds), and your soul.

I’m so passionate about collectively turning the tide of negativity, I’m offering the first 50 people that sign up a Free essential oil.

You can inspire change with faith and love, or you can let fear and darkness take hold in your life. No matter what your circumstances are, it’s your choice. I truly believe that and have spent my life focused on how to bring more light into my own life and others as well.

Click here for your free Essential Oil and to join the challenge.>>>>

I’ve created some best practices to show you how you can feel stronger and more confident as you take on any challenge. I’ll be giving you practical tools you can use every day to shift your life and your families lives.

Changing the world starts with one person. Then another, and another. It happens faster than you think. The secret to change it that it has to start from within. Change you first and the rest sort of takes care of itself.  I hope you join me as we walk away from the dark and into the light.

The world could use you right now. Let’s bring some positivity back and make this place lighter by summer.

If you know anyone that could use a little lightening up (and a free essential oil), please let them know. The more people that can take baby steps, the greater the positive impact we can make on this planet.

Click here to join

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