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Centering thought for the day:

Stillness is Power.

Think about it. How many times a day are you running around not really paying attention to what you’re doing because you’re distracted by the next thing you need to get done?

Some days I get up in the morning thinking that I will charge through the day in love and light only to finish it by wanting to run people off the road because I’m late for the next thing.

You can have best intentions of living mindfully but they are only that – best intentions – if you don’t put a little work in to back it up.

Chasing after life only to grasp it with your fingertips then letting it slip away is no way to live. This leaves you frustrated and discouraged only to start again the next day.

What would happen if we just opted out of living this way?

What would happen if you decided to stop running after all those things you ‘have’ to do and stopped for a moment?

Of course I’m not talking about quitting your life, actually, it’s just the opposite.

Here’s one of my favorites stories I told my kids when they were young:

Once upon a time, there were two men in a wood-chopping contest.  They were tasked with chopping down as many trees in the forest as they could from sun-up to sun-down.  The winner would be rewarded with both fame and fortune.

From morning till noon, both men steadily chopped and chopped.  By noon they were neck and neck, but then one man took a break and stopped chopping.  The other man saw this and thought to himself: “The lazy fool, he’s probably taken a break for lunch. He’s given me a chance to get ahead of him and I will, without a doubt, win this contest!”

A while later the man got back to work. As the day continued he chopped more trees than his hard-working (and hungry) competitor and by mid-afternoon, he had taken a clear lead.

When sundown came, the man who had taken the break at noon had chopped almost twice as many trees as the other man, who was drenched in sweat, hungry and exhausted.

“How did you beat me?” he asked puzzled. “You were lazier than I and even took a break for lunch!”

“Ah,” said the other man, “I did take a break, but it was during that break, that I sharpened my axe.”

Don’t let your day run you. Take a break to sharpen your axe and find out how stillness is power.

Sometimes life gets a little too crazy. We get distracted, things don’t go our way, our bodies or minds don’t cooperate, shit happens. That’s when it is especially important to stop, close your eyes and go in to find stillness.

It may not come quickly – it may not come at all first, but with consistent repetition, you can create how you want your world to be, no matter that the circumstances.

You can’t always control what is happening to you but you absolutely control how you choose to respond to it. Taking just a moment to quite your mind can bring you back to your center. It’s like temporarily shutting down an overheated computer, except the overheated computer is your overheated brain.

I’ve also found the quieter my mind, the happier, and healthier the rest of me is because with stillness comes clarity because you are able to tap into your inner wisdom.

I want that for you too.

Take a moment today to stop what you are doing, close your eyes and be still. With practice and repetition, you will be amazed at how powerful your mind becomes.

Need a place to practice stillness? If you live in Southern California, my next in-person guided meditation workshop is this Thursday. If you don’t and want to join the fun, stay tuned. My online workshops are coming soon. It’s donation based and only an hour. You invest in everyone and everything else, isn’t it time that you invest just an hour in yourself?

I hope to see you Thursday at the next guided meditation workshop. Newbies welcome.
You will be amazed at how powerful you really are.

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