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If I'd accepted it when...

If I Accepted It When my friends were telling me that I was being too sensitive, I wouldn’t have realized that the people I was surrounding myself with weren’t my tribe.

If I Accepted It When my father said I was stupid, I would have never had the courage to confront him about my abuse.

If I Accepted It When my darkest thoughts told me I was crazy when I was actually sick, I would have given up before I found the truth.

If I Accepted It When my doctor told me I would never get any better and only decline from here, I would have never found my way back to wellness.

If I Accepted It When my insurance company sent me countless letters denying insurance coverage for much needed medication, I would have never fought for my rights that I was being denied (and win).

If I Accepted It When I was told I couldn’t have children, I would have never had the chance to experience the joy of my family.

If I Accepted It When the holistic community churned their backs on me because I needed medical intervention, I would have never found what a healthy balance of traditional and complimentary medicine looks like.

If I Accepted It When I was told my writing wasn’t worthy of a book, I would never have had a bestseller. 

If I Accepted It When my life-force was slipping away from body and all I had to do was let go, I would be dead by now.

If I Accepted It When I felt like life was too hard and too much to handle, I wouldn’t be writing this now from a place of deep understanding.

Life can seem overwhelming sometimes because life is overwhelming sometimes – but that should never stop you.

I think that life is designed to be that way because it’s always the tough patches that teach us the most and enable us to grow into the people we were meant to be.

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If you look at life more like a puzzle, you can see that it’s more about conforming the shapes to gently fit in the right places. Life is not out to get us, life is here to teach us how and where we fit in it.

And with a little luck, you can gather others you find along the way and lock arms with them because life is a whole lot less scary when it isn’t faced alone.

If you are down, reach out for a hand or join a tribe. If you hold it there long enough and look around, someone will be there to grab it. Then give them a smile and say thank you. And make sure you return the favor sometime because life won’t seem as dark when you have a friend.

If I Accepted It When I thought life wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t have danced in the rain and sang my heart out in the middle of paradise.

Stop accepting life as it is. It’s time to start growing again and believing you are better than what people are telling you.  You know your truth and who you really are deep inside. It’s time to let that person shine.

Never let anyone dim your light.
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