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Learning to listen to my inner voice

“It starts with a conversation.”

That’s what someone once told me when I asked them how to tap into and really listen to my inner voice I keep hearing about.

My response back then was, “But what do I say and how do I know where to go?”

Then I got sick and understood that I was making it much more complicated than it need to be.

Let me explain. When I was really sick, I spent massive amounts of time in bed staring at the walls. I was too tired to do much of anything else, so I thought. And thought. Eventually, all the rhetoric in my head got pretty boring, so slowly transitioned  out of my head and into my heart.

At first, it was a little weird. I didn’t realize how quiet the inner voice of my heart was. Not because the feeling and guidance was unimportant, it was just that the chatter in my head was so loud there was no room left for soulful conversation.

I realized that I had been living a life with no internal, spiritual mentor. Even though I knew right from wrong and what was moral, I had lost my inner direction. We are all born with a purpose but it is easy to forget it when we stop listening to the internal guidance that’s put in our soul to get us there.

With no internal compass pointing me back to my center, I discovered I had lost mine.

As I lay on my back for those many months, wondering if I was going to ever get better, I found that the little voice that was buried deep within me was getting stronger. The more I listened to my inner voice, the louder it became.

But here is the thing. Conversations are a two way street. Seeking spiritual counsel from within isn’t about negotiation (I call that the ‘if/then’ strategy. If you get me out of this jam, then I will…), it’s about talking AND listening. The more listened and I developed a relationship with my heart, that little voice I heard went from a whisper to a roar.

Many of the things I heard when I listened to my inner voice where a reality check.

Your internal voice is full of love, but it is also your resounding truth. To set you back on the right path, you need to hear how and where you got off course in the first place

At least I did.

The more I listened, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more I grew. It was easy doing this while laying in bed because I had no distractions – but I also had no place to apply what I had learned. The trick was to keep the conversation going once I felt better.

As I got more comfortable with my conversations, I learned a big lesson:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Every conversation with your inner voice strengthens your relationship with #God. ” quote=”Every conversation you have with your inner voice was important because they strengthen your relationship with spirit.”]

Without that relationship, we are truly alone.

Following your inner voice gives you the integrity of truth. It keeps you honest since you can no longer rationalize lying to yourself or others. There is no more gray area to operate in.

A strong connection with your Higher Power also opens the door to personal freedom. When you start trusting and believing that your inner voice that is speaking to you has your back, you can be bold in your life.

Through listening to that voice, I learned how much more to me there was. I found I could be more empowered with my gifts because they were put there for me to share, I just needed to listen to the instruction manual on how to use them.

We all have internal gifts waiting to be discovered. All you need to do is find that little voice that whispers in your ear and turn up the volume too.

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