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how to change your perception

I’ve never been a fan of a “should” to do lists.  You can spend hours thinking of all things you ‘should’ be doing, but then nothing would really get done except worrying about all the things you haven’t done or aren’t doing. Also, if you aren’t careful, should can also change your perception into thinking you aren’t enough or you aren’t meeting others expectations.

There is enough stress in the world. Why add extra pressure by ‘thinking’ of more ways you aren’t measuring up and feeling bad about yourself.

You know what I’m taking about. Those lists in your head looks like – I should exercise more, be thinner, happier, healthier, I should be more… just about anything can apply here.

But there is one opportunity where should can actually serve you well.

I believe we should all be grateful.

Your life is probably not perfect, neither is mine, but what if it wasn’t supposed to be?

[clickToTweet tweet=”What if living in #gratitude, not matter what was the whole point of living?” quote=”What if living in gratitude, not matter what the circumstances of your situation was the whole point of living?”]

Gratitude is an interesting concept. Studies have shown that if we think in the positive, you can actually change the biochemistry in your brain which makes your bodies relax. This gets you out of stress mode and into a happier way of life. 

Being grateful has also been shown to have some other amazing mental and physical benefits.  Here are just a few with the science behind the theory to back them up and change your perception of life for the better:

  1. Gratitude reduces pain and improves overall wellness
  2. It improves the quality of sleep
  3. Increases our desire to exercise
  4. Help us to be more social
  5. Increases overall happiness
  6. It can improve your career by making you a better manager
  7. Improves the quality of our marriage or relationship
  8. Increases work productivity
  9. Changes our perception of life
  10. Helps us to live longer

We, as humans, tend to overcomplicate our lives.  The secret to life is actually pretty simple.

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Life is a mixed bucket, there will always be an upside, and a downside to every experience. Choosing to focus on being grateful for each experience, no matter what it is, makes the journey richer.

As the year ends, take a moment and count your blessings. not your battle scars. Remembering all that you have to be grateful for will change your perception, and your biochemistry for the better.

I can guarantee, even if this has been a tough year, you can find a little gratitude, a lesson (and the growth), in each situation if you look deep enough. Deciding to live in  gratitude takes your life and your energy to a higher level of love and light.

After all, isn’t that better than living in misery anyway?

I would love to hear at least one thing you feel grateful for in the comments section below. Even if it’s just the fact you are still breathing or it’s a beautiful day is enough to feel a little better about where you are and help to navigate to where you want to go.  Let’s all celebrate life’s little gifts together during this holiday season and start the New Year off on a positive note.

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    I’m super grateful for a book on gratefulness I received for Christmas!

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