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5 life Lessons From Donald Trump That Will Make YOU Great Again

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, you have to acknowledge that his decision to leave his highly successful day job and run for President of the United States was ballsy. If you sift though all the negativity on both sides and look deeper, you will find some amazing life lessons everyone will benefit from. 

Before I get any hate mail from every side, I want to acknowledge that is not a political statement of any kind. It’s just an observation of some life lessons you can learn from him that will make you stronger and more successful at whatever you choose.

Here Are 5 Life Lessons From Donald Trump That Will Make You Great Again:

Lesson 1: There’s No Limit to Your Potential

When Trump took his role as the 45th President, he was the first person to achieve that role with absolutely no experience in politics.

He took the unimaginable and made it a reality – we all have that capacity to do that if we truly own our power to do so.

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to accomplish lofty goals, just consider that. Your dreams might be a lot easier to turn into reality. You just need to fully believe and commit to them.

Lesson 2: Be Willing to Take Big Challenges and Risks

Trump forged on in his campaign regardless of the odds, the naysayers, and the potential of hurting his company. He doubled down at every turn when no one in their right mind would.

Now in full disclosure, I didn’t exactly vote for the guy, but I have to admire his ability to dream big. Really big. Imagine where you would be if you took your dreams to the next level too?

Also, he didn’t let fear dictate his course. No major achievement — for Trump or anyone else — happens without risk. Before you make a list of all the things standing in your way, consider the results if you do succeed. Then ask yourself if those risks and obstacles are worth it. If the answer is ‘yes’, make another list of smaller achievements that lead up to the big one. Now breakdown of how you are going to accomplish those smaller tasks.

Lesson 3: Expand Your Skills

Trump didn’t let his lack of experience stop him from dreaming big. Instead, he took his skill in one area and applied them to a new arena.

You may be exceptional at one thing, but that’s no reason to let that fact trap you there forever. Instead, constantly strive to expand your skills. You may never know what you are capable of until you try, and possibly fail, at new things. Who knows, you may find your new directions taking you to places you didn’t know possible too.

Lesson 4: Be Relentless – But In A Good Way

Just like Trump, you are going to run up against people that don’t share your vision. That’s OK, don’t let them stop you. Never let anyone or anything get between you and your dreams. Ever. Focus on your goals, being tenacious and delivering results, and let your skills speak for themselves. Just make sure you do it with loving kindness. Walking over people to climb to the top will hurt you in the long run.

Lesson 5: Have Patience – Growth Takes Time

Donald Trump has been developing his business skills for decades. He’s not an overnight success – those that are rarely have sustainable careers. Just because someone is new in the media it doesn’t necessarily mean they are new to their field. To be the best you possible, it takes a lot of hard work to hone your skill, regardless of your goal.

Be patient. Growth and success at anything big takes time, and if you continue to plug away at your goals, you will accomplish them. Your dreams are worth it.

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