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My publishing house came up with a great idea to kick off the holiday season.

From today until Saturday, my book, Wellness Warrior – Fighting For Life in Fabulous Shoes, and many other books published by Booktrope will be available on Amazon for FREE!

I’m really excited about this concept because my goal has always been to touch as many people as possible to let them know that it is possible to be well without perfect health.  Also, to give everyone an awareness that there are lots of us out there that struggle with an invisible illness, and no one is alone in their fight.

I wanted to give you a little taste of some of the concepts in Wellness Warrior so I’m sharing an excerpt with you.  It kinda sums up the tone, ideas, and what circles around in my brain when I’m deep in thought (scary as that may be).

Pay It Forward

I hope you like the excerpt, but more importantly, I hope it inspires you to think outside the box when dealing with health issues. Also, if a friend or relative would benefit from the journey of a chronically health challenged soul sister, give them a free gift of Wellness by paying it forward here. [bctt tweet=”Giving AND getting Wellness Warrior for free is a win-win as far as I’m concerned”].

So, without further ado, here is a snippet of the first chapter of Wellness Warrior which is currently #1 in Spiritual Healing on Amazon.


I vaguely remember telling him about the appointment with my doctor. I told him about the new path my life was about to take and that I had been “blessed” with cancer.

Blessed? Even I was not fully aware of the nonsense that slipped from my lips as I mouthed those ridiculous words. It was an odd thing to say, even for me. And I can say some pretty odd things.

I didn’t realize it then, but looking back, I think the I who spoke wasn’t necessarily the earthly I but the spiritual I we all have within us. There are many names for it: higher self, the soul, or the voice of God whispering in our ear. Whatever we call it, this inner voice was giving me a heads up that I was about to take a sharp left turn on the winding road of life. It was time to find my way down a different path or get off the highway.

My boyfriend’s response to my “blessing” was, “When this is over, you wanna get married?”

I looked at him blankly. My brain was officially on overload. We had been dating only a couple of months, and, although the idea was lovely, I wasn’t sure I was ready to tackle cancer and a marriage proposal on the same day.

Every girl fantasizes about the moment her man pops the big question. The circumstances surrounding his proposition just weren’t part of my dream. Besides, I needed to keep my focus on the task at hand: ridding my body of whatever was eating me up inside.


As the vision of a monster ravenously gorging itself on my innards crossed my mind, I started to wonder. Can this analogy apply on a deeper level, too? Was there something else eating me up as well, that may have triggered a physical response?

No way. What was happening to the thoughts in my mind? Where were those ideas coming from? I’d always made fun of people who spoke in wild statements like that before. I believed in the scientific model and nothing else. Could it be possible there was more to understand out there? Was I willing to go there to see?

I supposed time would tell. For the moment, I would have to put those lofty concepts aside and settle for some eggplant parmesan and a cannoli for dinner.

Or maybe a burrito.  Burritos make everything better.

A Little About Me


After multiple cancer and autoimmune diagnosis, I decided to look deeper into the issue of why I was continually getting sick.  Months of research and self reflection showed me that most disease doesn’t start at the physical level, it ends there as a result of imbalances on the emotional and spiritual planes.  This is when I developed my holistic approach in healing not only one but all of the planes together.  By working with supplements and nutrition to heal the body, counseling for the mind, and energy work for the soul, I found that healing occurs on a more profound way to allow us to move to a different level of wellness. My FaceBook Page  has tons of ideas and suggestions for a balanced life. Also, if you need a little support, we would love to have you in our private FaceBook group the Wellness Warrior Tribe.  Come hang out with us, you won’t regret it!

The Real Cover

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