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There are many perks to writing a book.  My favorite so far is talking to folks and answering questions after they have read mine.  Recently, I’ve also had the opportunity to have Wellness Warrior be reviewed by a few book sites.  Terrifying as that may seem, so far it has been relatively painless.  Below is the latest one from  Strange name, legit review.  If you have read my book and would like to give your own two cents, I would it if you reviewed Wellness Warrior on Amazon.  Simply go to Wellness Warrior book page and click Customer Review.  Thanks to all of you for sharing the message that it is possible be well without perfect health.  Happy reading.Book Review:

Health – one word we never pay attention to unless a disease comes along to threaten everything that we thought life is about. When the body’s functioning goes haywire and starts fighting itself, most of us would find ourselves lost and let down. The medley of emotions is too horrible for anyone to experience let alone imagine it. But Lisa is a warrior. She doesn’t back down from a fight, even if she has to break her very core and reconstruct everything that she knows or stands for. This book is her memoir of dealing with disease, life and death.

Lisa writes candidly. She expresses herself such that at no point of time the reader feels heavily bogged down by her pains and helplessness. The style of narration precisely reflects Lisa’s state of mind at that particular point of time in her life. This makes her memoir as interesting as a fast paced novel. Lisa has aptly chosen the length of each chapter so that one can learn more lessons from her than know her sorrow.

Her experiences with different teachers who guide her to every new step in the right holistic direction are sure to move every reader. Personally, I found every conversation she had with Mona very profound. The way Mona transforms the prevailing mood in the hospital within minutes is fascinating and inspirational. Also, Lisa’s discussions/experiences with the teacher in her dreams would remind a reader of “Many lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss.”

Lisa’s regular conversations with her neighborhood lady-friends start out awkwardly. A reader would be prompted to ask why they are introduced in the book at all. But by and by, it is this social group that helps Lisa find different teachers who transform her life forever.

Mona’s inspirational quotes; Lisa’s search for non-mainstream holistic healing solutions; and Lisa’s family’s support for her stand out clearly.

Lisa emerges at the end of her struggle as a wonderfully transformed butterfly, ready to spread her wings wide and help provide shelter and support for others around her. Truly, this is not a memoir, but a lesson- inspirational and thought-provoking.

I thank Sage’s Blog Tours for letting me host the virtual book tour and for the eARC of this book.

Sharing is caring!

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