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It may look like I just sucked on a lemon, but it’s really just me explaining why I wrote Wellness Warrior – Fighting for Life in Fabulous Shoes.

You see, I didn’t write it for me, I wrote it for you too.

I got tired of hearing doctors tell me that, “This was as good as it is going to get.” They also said I needed to accept my condition and move on.  I figured if they are saying things like that to me, they are saying them to you too.

F**k that!

What doctors don’t realize is that by making those statements, they are accidentally making us victims to our disease. [bctt tweet=” No one should ever be a victim to disease. “]

When I started  writing Wellness Warrior, I was bedridden and unable to do much of anything including, but not limited to, eating, walking, talking, and breathing unassisted at night.  I was receiving all that traditional medicine had to offer, but it wasn’t enough to keep me out of my hospital’s ICU on a regular basis.Why Wellness Warrior?

To say life was rough was an understatement.

But here’s the thing, somewhere in my soul, I knew there was hope for me to get better.  I decided to look around at other options and ways to care for my body with the full support of an integrative medicine doctor and my neurologist.  Together, we put a plan in action that included changing my diet so that it would be chocked full of organic plant based nutrients, supplements that supported my systems while I was on harsh medications, and perception shifts so I could look at my situation more like a scientist trying to figure out a chemistry equation, while trying to understand what I was to learn from this lesson.

There was a lot of trial and error, but at the end of the day, I figured the formula in needed for wellness out and crawled out autoimmune hell to eventually join the human race again.

I may have started Wellness Warrior in bed, typing with my eyes closed because the computer light was too bright, but I finished it after I was back on the carpool, laundry, dinner in the oven, part-time job train.

This book is about my story, but it think it is all of our stories.  If you have a chronic illness, you’ve probably been discouraged at some point like me. We must remember to never lose hope, there is always another way to do or look at something.  I found some great, easy ways to be well without perfect health that worked for me and I wanted to share them with you.  I figure no sense having to reinvent the wheel each time one of us falls prey to disease right?  Especially when I’ve already done all the research.

The other reason I wrote Wellness Warrior was because I wanted others that are laying in bed to know they weren’t alone.  There are many of us out there who have gone through that dark night of the soul.  My goal was to reach out the those that were still there and let them know someone out there gets them on a deep level.

Support is very important during times of medical crisis.  I think support from those that understand your situation because they have been there is even more crucial.  That’s why I started a private FaceBook group called the Wellness Warrior Tribe so we could all be warriors together in strength and love.  You have to be mentally strong during physical illness.  My goal with the book and the group is to keep us in warrior mode until we can all crawl back to our lives.

Want to join the tribe? If you have a chronic illness or are a caretaker of someone that does, just put in a request to join and I will be right by your side. Looking for other ‘out of the box ideas’ for wellness? Order Wellness Warrior here, and like my FaceBook Page. Both are full of helpful options.

Sharing is caring!

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