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you can be bother healer and the healed

Recovery, whether from addiction or mental and physical illness is a healing process.[clickToTweet tweet=” When we decide to enter into this process, we empower ourselves as both healer and healed” quote=” When we make the decision to enter into this healing process, we empower ourselves as both the healer and the healed simultaneously”].

Let me explain.  The decision alone to heal our body, unlocks your inner healer and activates the intention you want to move into healing.  This sets your mind in motion and shifts your bodies focus to wellness. 

By now you are probably totally on board with what I’m saying or wondering what the hell I am talking about so I’ll back up a little just in case it’s the latter.

Let’s say we have just been diagnosed with a horrible disease.  We can easily become victim to that disease wondering, “Why me” and looking outside of ourselves for someone to fix us. Another option is that we can empower ourselves and take action on our own.  By doing our own homework, looking at our options, and making decisions on what is best for our bodies, we have already started the process of becoming our own healer. 

When I was first diagnosed with cancer I sat across from my oncologist as he told me what was going to happen to me and what is was going to experience from this point on.  I looked back at him and simply said, “No”.  What I told him I would do was gather as much information from him as possible about the procedures and protocols he wanted to put me on and go home and research them.  Then we would come back and discuss our options and I would make a decision from there. I eventually did some, not all, of his requested options, but I also added in nutrition, massage, and some complementary medicine to better support my body during treatment.  I was not a victim to my disease nor was I going to give my decision making power over to my doctor. I was going to be an integral part of the team to heal my body.

This is true for addiction as well.  When we decide we want to free ourselves of addiction, we have energetically put ourself in the drivers seat of our own life.  By taking that first huge step, we have giving a heads up to our addict that he no longer runs the show and we are taking our life back from him.  By changing our perspective, we can look at our addict in a different way and shift from seeing it as a powerful force we have no control over to what it really is, a little piece of us that has been hurt and needs healing and to come back into balance.

You see no matter what the situation is that has been put in front of you to heal, by making the decision to heal it actually activates your inner healer to go to work on the issue. We all have this inherent intelligence in our mind-body system, an inner guidance that kicks in immediately and responds to your call.  You heal and become a stronger healer at the same time. This gives a sense of power and fearlessness.  And the more you practice this, the stronger your inner healer becomes.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle with a chronic illness or inability to stay away from the refrigerator, having a voice on your own behalf empowers you and activates your own inner guidance system to show you the way to a better, more balanced life.  You are never a victim to anyone or anything.  Never, ever forget that.

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