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This week I am shifting gears to talk about something I feel is very important to each of us. This post is more about the wellness of the country which, if feel, is healthy for everyone. It isn’t intended as a political statement but more a call to action for every mother, daughter, sister, or friend.

The post election aftermath as been rough on my family.

My tribe is a clan of predominantly women. I have two daughters, five sisters and three aunts, all strong and confident in their beliefs and actions. Our allegiance is both red and blue and we deeply care about the social issues before us.

We are a microcosm of a bigger picture.

I have a daughter who is a firm believer that each vote should matter. Exercising her right of free speech, she was peacefully protesting the other day despite police intimidation and tear gas. She did this because she felt it important to raise her objection to a president she did not support. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law spent much of her time on social media denouncing the protesters and their stance. Both have hurt feelings about the others actions and feel righteous in their own.

We are no different than the rest of the women in this nation. Hillary Clinton had fifty-four percent of the female vote and Donald Trump had 42 percent. Almost half of the women voters in America cast their ballots for the opposite side.

But the problem and the solution are the same. We have become a nation that is just as divided as we are passionate about how we want to shape our future.

Now ask yourself this question, “What if all of this was happening for you and not to you?”

This is a time of change. It is a time that women of all colors, religions, and values to decide what they believe in, get organized, and fight for their convictions.

We must continue to fight for as long as needed. This is not a short term fix but a new way of life. It’s a call to decide what’s important to you and adopt it as your purpose.

Have the political events that have unfolded in the past few years in our country helped to form an opinion about your values?


If you don’t like what you see, do something about it.

Our Forefathers and mothers fought hard to create the country we live in. Many of us said, “Thank you very much”, then climbed into a hot bath to watch Netflix.

Regardless if you wanted to Make America Great Again or break though the glass ceiling,  I’m calling on every woman to rise up and fight for justice. Have a voice for your beliefs, especially if it involves your health or your body.

We spend a lot of time complaining about the people in government being controlled by special interests, not listening, or not moving forward with really important bills but what have we done about it?

Now is the time for every single able bodied woman to get their hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves and stand up for something. Register to vote if you haven’t already, visit your local Congressman and ask them to sponsor a bill you want to see passed. You can also volunteer on a campaign you believe in or get involved with a local organization that is now at risk of losing their funding. What’s important is to do something you believe in to better your world.

[clickToTweet tweet=”This #election is a call to action for #women to respectfully get off your ass.” quote=”This election is a call to action for women everywhere to peacefully, respectfully get off your ass.”]

The issues in front of us are not going to go away anytime soon. Depending on your convictions, they may be getting much worse in the next four years.

Remember this, just like my own family, simply because we are women doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to agree on the same policies. That’s what the founders of this country were counting on to create lively interaction which will hopefully advance a compromise that is best for everyone.

It is your responsibility and right to put on your fabulous shoes, find a cause you deeply believe in, and support it with conviction.

The women in my family may be divided but having a voice about their beliefs is their right. Freedom of speech is your right too. Exercise your voice as much as possible or one day you may find it squelched.

This election happened for you, for me, for all women to shake us out of our yoga highs and into the brutal reality of the world we live in. You may not be adversely effected by the decisions that will be made in the future but my guess is that someone you love will. Take a stance for them, for your daughters and mothers, and the planet.

50.4 percent off all Americans are women. We have just as much responsibility as men and the same amount of power with our vote and our voice. The clock my try to turn back to the, ‘Old Boys Network’ days but we can make Our America great again by standing in our feminine power and evoking change.

Now is the time for a woman to rise up and fight for justice. If it all goes to hell, we only have ourselves to blame. If you agree please post this on your own social media feeds. 

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  • Raimey

    Here here. Let’s get off our asses. 🙂 I’m up in Canada, but happy to haul my ass down there when you need me.

  • Mary Rowen

    This is awesome, Lisa. What a call to action. You nailed it. We all have to fight now.

  • Lydia

    What a great post. I will be taking up your call to action for sure.

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