how to be well without perfect health

What is Wellness? 


How is it possible to be well without perfect health?

What went right for you in the past year?

What are you proud of? 

What positive lessons did you learn because of your health?

How can you help others because of your health issues?


Imagine you are walking in to the home of your strongest, most enlightened, future healthy self. Look around, feel her presence in this space. 

What does she look like?

How does she feel?


What does she want you to know?

What is her purpose?

How does she take care of herself physically?  Emotionally?

How does she deal with challenges as they arise?

Ask her “What do I need to know to get from where I am to where you are?”

Action Steps:

  • Make one change in your life to better reflect your future, healthy self.


  • If your health starts to act up ask yourself what your future self would do or say?


  • When you are at a doctor’s appointment or therapy ask yourself, “How would she handle this situation?”


  • Before you have a conversation regarding your health or the health of others, step into your best future self’s shoes, becoming her.
  • What does she do?


  • How does she approach the situation?

Remember your future self whenever that negative health story pops up and let your inner mentor show you the way out.

Remember- Reality is Relative:

  • Stay focused on the present
  • No that today is only 24 hours long and set your intention for tomorrow
  • Do something to get out of your head
  • Find some way to serve others
  • Find the support you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help (you can start HERE)


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