Wellness Warrior: Fighting for Life in Fabulous Shoes

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Wellness Warrior:

Fighting for Life in Fabulous Shoes

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Lisa got her first wake up call in her twenties when she was diagnosed with multiple cancers, but she pushed the snooze button after finishing her treatments. Then, instead of a gentle beeping, her next wake up call felt more like a hammer to her head. One day she was busy shuttling a car full of kids to school, the next was filled with paramedics, sterile hospital rooms, and a frightening autoimmune diagnosis’s she couldn’t pronounce.

Life as she knew it was over. She had to make a choice. Was she going to give in to dismal percentages and unappealing survivor rates, or was she going to pull from whatever strength she had left and figure out what the hell was happening to her, and more importantly, WHY?

Lisa shares openly, intimate details of her story – the good, the bad, and the ridiculous, along with everyday tools she learned along the way, so that we can all reinvent ourselves from the cellular level in mind, body and soul.

Wellness Warrior is for anyone who is inspired to become a better version of themselves. Lisa’s resonating words will sit with your soul long after you put this book down and can serve as roadmap through the darkest hours of life.

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