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I keep hearing that word.

Do better, Push harder, Be more. Smile while you’re dying inside.

Do you hear it too??

Is it eating you alive, draining your energy and your life force until there is nothing more to give?

Listen for the whisper. It’s there.

Struggle is good. It helps you grow. It keeps you feeling like we are moving the needle. It makes you feel important.

It makes you feel ALIVE.

I call Bullshit on all of it.

Those voices in your head are lying to you. They’re laughing at you as they tear you down and destroy your soul. They make you feel like you don’t deserve it unless you pay- and pay dearly.

Struggling is a choice.

It’s a belief. It’s also a gun to your head ready to blow your brains out.

We struggle because we hear those voices telling us we have to earn our way.

But what about grace?

What about having the faith that everything happens in the right timing?

What if everything happened for our good and not to harm us or teach from pain?

What if we were on this planet to just have some fun, live in flow, and love the shit out of everyone we meet?

Do you really want to stay stuck in struggle or are you ready to trash the idea and FINALLY move on with your life?

I’m over it. My clients are over it. I hope to God you are over it too.

Life is hard if you believe it needs to be that way.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Just a random thought from my head to yours.

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