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 Prayer vs Bullshit

Which side of the fence are you on?

Amazon has 116,591 books on prayer – many of them explaining the most powerful types and how to say them correctly.

I would file that under the bullshit category.

Before you start sending nasty letters, hear me out.

I feel that books about prayer are information.  Prayer by having an open conversation is knowledge.  It isn’t about HOW you do it, it’s just about doing it and paying attention to the answers. 

Let me explain. When I was really sick, I spent massive amounts of time in bed staring at the walls.  I was too tired to do much of anything else, so I thought.  And thought.  Eventually, talking with oneself can get pretty boring, so I turned the conversation upward.

At first, it was a little weird.  I didn’t realize my connection to Source was so limited.  Not because of Him, but by me and my actions.  I mean life was going pretty well before I’d gotten ill, so I didn’t feel the need for much guidance.  Who needs to pray when times are good, right?

Yeah.  No.

What I found was that walking around on the planet with no spiritual mentor is a terrible idea.  With no internal compass pointing me back to center, I discovered I had lost mine.

As I lay on my back for those many months, wondering if I was going to ever get better, I found that through our little chats (Gods’ and mine), I was already better.  I was stronger with Him.  More at peace too.

But here is the thing.  Conversations are a two way street.  Prayer isn’t about asking for stuff or negotiating (I call that the ‘if/then’ strategy.  If you get me out of this jam, then I will…), it’s about talking AND listening.  When I finally got serious about our chats, that little voice I heard went from a whisper to a roar. 

And what He said wasn’t always pretty. 

I heard a lot of, “Seriously, Lisa?  That’s all you did with what I gave you?”  And, “Can you get your act together and forgive (insert pretty much anything here, including forgiving myself) and move on?”.  You get the idea.

God may be love, but He is also truth…and very direct.

The more I listened, the more I learned.  The more I learned, the more I grew.  It was easy doing this while laying in bed.  There was no application.  The trick was to keep the conversation going once I felt better.

But here is the biggest lesson I learned from this process. [bctt tweet=” There is no one specific prayer that is more powerful than another.”] Every conversation is important because they strengthen our relationship with spirit.  Without that relationship, we are truly alone.

Real prayer gives us the integrity of truth.  It keeps us honest since we can no longer rationalize lying to ourselves or others. Because there is no more gray area to operate in, we can hear God saying, “Nope”, deep within us and change our trajectory.  A strong connection with our Higher Power also opens the door to freedom.  When we start trusting the honesty and the love that is flowing our way, we can be bold in our lives. 

Through prayer I learned how much more to me there was.  I found I could be more empowered with my gifts because they were put there for me to share, I just needed to listen to the instruction manual on how to use them.

We all have internal gifts waiting to be discovered.  All we need to do is find that little voice that whispers in our ears and turn up the volume.  No prerequisite reading or specific structure required – that’s just God marketing…which in my book is bullshit.

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