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Is Chronic Illness Kicking Your Ass?

If you have had any type of chronic illness before like cancer, autoimmune disease, or mental illness, chances are that at some point, it has sidelined you from the game of life.

Recently, I had the flu. For most people, that’s no big deal, but for folks with chronic issues like Myasthenia Gravis, the autoimmune disease I have, the flu can cause all sorts of devastating side effects that can easily land someone like me in the hospital.

Sucks, right?

I’m not gonna lie…it does.  But as I was sitting in bed with my box of kleenex and my two best friends self-pity and frustration, I came across a quote from Wayne Dyer:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” quote=”Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”]

This got me thinking.  What would happen if I reframed my idea of who “I” am?  What if I thought of myself as the inside me, my soul, instead of the outside shell?  What if I looked at the things that were happening to my body and health as simply shifts in my story (instead of getting angry or depressed that I couldn’t keep up with the agenda I had set out to achieve) and honored the process that was going on?

What if I simply accepted who I am, in all of my glory, and created from there?

Here are a few things that may change:

  1. My body would relax, reducing the stress hormone Cortisol, a chronic illness exacerbater
  2. My intuition would have a chance to open up which would help me to see my situation with fresh eyes
  3. Life’s lessons would unfold in front of me and I would be able to look at them with detachment but not disengage from them
  4. I wouldn’t be so concerned with the physical side of my life and experience reality on a deeper level
  5. I could love myself and others more fully and judge less

So I’ll ask the question again.  Is chronic illness kicking your ass by destroying your spirit or is it trying to show you what really matters?  Which is the experience we are having inside the vessels that holds our soul.

When we look at life from a different perspective, we see that it is possible to be well without perfect health.  We can also experience joy on a daily basis no matter what crazy thing our bodies are currently doing.  What’s exciting to me is that we get to decide how we want to perceive our lives. 

I’ve had my ass kicked by disease before and I’ve also kicked disease’s ass.  Both are exhausting. 

When we lead with our soul, what happens with our external bodies are’t as important anymore.  We find peace from deep within and develop our lives from there.

About the Author: Douthit is the author of Amazon’s #1 bestselling book, Wellness Warrior – Fighting for Life in Fabulous Shoes and an Integrative Health Consultant who is passionate about healing from all perspectives.  After struggling with multiple bouts of cancer and autoimmune disease, no one understands the physical, spiritual, and emotional rollercoaster better than she does. As one of the 40 million American women currently suffering with an autoimmune disease, she made it her mission to have a voice for all those with an invisible illness, and prove you can be well without perfect health. She has a private Facebook Group called Wellness Warrior Tribe for all those with chronic illness looking for support and encouragement.  For more out of the box thinking that is guaranteed to bring you joy, Like her FaceBook Page Here or join the tribe Here.

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