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you can pay if forward with a book and increase sales

Book Manager Melissa Flickinger stopped by the blog today to say hi and talk about book marketing.

Book sales come and go, but the best time to purchase a book is when the promotions are paired with a great cause. Many times you can scoop up either a new release or a book you’ve been eyeing up while contributing to a worthwhile cause at the same time. Here are ways authors can pay it forward and help to raise awareness on important topics (such as homelessness, wellness, abuse, and mental illness) and pairing their books with great deals for you:

Buy a Book/Give a Book or Pay it Forward:

Some authors offer this to readers who purchase their paperbacks- submit your purchase confirmation and you will be able to select a person to receive the ebook for free. This is a wonderful way to help get books into the hands of people who many need them most.

For example, any purchase of the WELLNESS WARRIOR by Lisa Douthit paperback can be turned into a gifted ebook to a friend living with a chronic disease.

“Awareness Month” Discounts:

Throughout each year, there are several months dedicated to raising awareness for specific causes such as Domestic Violence, PTSD, Child Abuse… etc. Sometimes you can find a discount on books written about these topics.

Virtual Events with Fundraisers:

During book release parties via social media, there may be events associated with fundraisers in which the purpose is to fundraiser for their cause of their choice – but books may either be given away as prizes or discounted with proceeds donated to the cause.

During 2015, authors of the Gravity Imprint of Booktrope Publishing raised over $1,000 in fundraising toward their favorite non-profit groups such as the Joyful Heart Foundation through book release and promotional events on Facebook.

Virtual Events with Donated Books per Purchases:

Similar to “Buy a Book/Give a Book”, which is based on an individual purchase and gifting process – some authors opt to offer their books in a collective donation to a group based on how many paperbacks are purchased during their event. This is a great way to give back to communities or groups such as teen homelessness non-profits.

Donations from Book Sales:

Another way authors have chosen to use their book sales to help raise awareness and contribute to a great cause is to donate a portion of their book sales to a charity or nonprofit group.

It’s truly a wonderful movement for so many authors to use their own books to help others and for book lovers to use their love of reading to a worthwhile contribution while purchasing their next favorite book.

About the Author

pay it forward with a book

M.L. Flickinger is the lead Book Manager with Gravity Imprint of Booktrope Publishing, blogger, and author.

M.L. is the founder of, a book blog which focuses on authors, marketing, and promotion.

M.L. studies Creative Writing and Human Relations and is a lover of all things pumpkin. She enjoys long walks along the Mississippi River and black coffee.  She lives with her family in Southeastern Iowa.


Find her on:

Melissa Flickinger (@MelissaFlicks) | Twitter

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  • Shelley

    Lovely post. I’m writing a non-fiction book at the moment and like the thought of donating a portion of the book sales to a charity that was started in memory of my cousin (epilepsy). I’d be interested in finding out more about how to do this. Can anyone direct me to an appropriate blog/site for information?

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