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Plugging in for the purpose of “unplugging” may seem a little ridiculous, but why not reach for the same device you use for everything else when trying to get back in your body; especially after spending the day tending everyone else’s?

There are apps for everything these days. Of course there is the normal stuff life gaming, social media, scheduling, etc, but did you know there were apps out there for the soul purpose of helping you get grounded and happy? Could it be that easy to chillax?


Daily stress is a BIG DEAL. It is pretty much running many of our lives causing havoc to our health, emotional stability, and overall wellbeing. But what if we could counteract that stress by taking out our smart phones and putting them to use by changing our perspective, enjoyment factor, and bio-chemistry?

After LOTS of research, I have a listed some of my favorite apps currently out that can give you step-by-step tools to create healthy habits you can use when your blood pressure is on the rise. Some even have social components that can help you build a community and maintain accountability—two great ways to begin changing your attitude.

I wouldn’t recommend you do all of them at once but see what resonates with you, and try a couple out. And if you think some are better suited for a friend, send this list using the helpful share buttons to help them calm down too. Remember, none of these apps should substitute for a doctor’s care, but used consistently, they may make your day a little brighter.

I Can Be Fearless 

Remember when your teacher had you finger paint what you wanted to be when you grew up? This app might not help you be an astronaut or a world famous actress, but it can help you break through your subconscious, limiting beliefs to a place of peace and assurance.
Open your Apple device and select what you want to be right now — calm, motivated, and confident are among the options — then let the audio hypnosis guide you through a session. Because you can. The app is free but to really boost your experience, you will have to pay $2.99.

Rest Easy

Sleep is one of the best ways to combat stress, improve your memory, curb inflamation, sharpen attention, and even help you to loose weight. But whatever it is that keeps you up at night, sleeping seems easier said than done sometimes. Although there are plenty of apps to help you track and better manage your realm cycle. This one is a one stop shop.

SleepBot tracks your sleep cycles, breaking down your history by date, sleep time, wake time, hours of sleep, movement tracking the amount of sleep lost. The app records your movements and sounds around you, and wakes you up gently each morning with custom designed alarm soundtracks. It’s like they are watching us while we sleep, but if I can get a good nights rest from it, I can overlook the creepy, stalker-like algorithms. Free.

Be Mindful

Between work and family, you may be focusing on…well…everything else, instead of yourself. It’s easy to blur the work/off work lines of balance, especially if you are self-employed or always on your smartphone (if they are that smart, shouldn’t they do the work themselves?). With a hectic schedule, it is easy to forget about your own needs and health. Meditation can reduce stress, blood pressure, and improve the immune system. Fortunately, in the age of technology, hours in lotus position stuck in a closet are no longer required. The Mindfulness App, gives users the choice of different types of mediation including guided or silence, and lets you decide how long you want to reflect for. The best part is you can pull it out while waiting for the kids in the car and by the time they get in, you are relaxed and ready for a singalong (gasp). $2.99


With animations and personalized progress reports, Headspace makes meditation easy and accessible with hundreds of hours of original meditations ranging from 2 to 60 minutes. You can even find friends and rewards system to help you make friends and get some motivation along the way.


The Buddhify app contains over 80 guided meditations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes for various activities and settings. You can also track your progress and a check-in system to measure how you’re doing. And it is really pretty.
Price: $4.99

A recent study found that optimistic people are healthier, especially when it comes to heart health. The Happify app can help you increase joy by games and activities that help create habits for a happier, more fulfilling life. The program disrupts negative patterns and helps build better processing skills for the tough times. And it is fun. This app was named one of the best apps to train your brain by CNN, and will help you better cope with stress. Don’t worry, be happy! Free

Timeful is a time-management app that helps you find time for those small tasks you know need to be done, but never seem to quite fit into your schedule. It allows you to designate specific times for certain tasks the day and helps you develop habits to keep yourself on track. It’s like a personal assistant that reminds you to drink water, pick up the dog, schedule a meeting, and develop new (positive) habits. It sort of thinks for you and makes you look like you have your shit together, like all good wives do.


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